Jasik Designs can be reached at:

343 Trenton Way
Menlo Park, CA 94025

Phone: (650) 322-1386 (please remember that it is California time)

Internet: macnosy At_Sign jasik.com (At_Sign -> @ )

The price of the product (The Debugger, MacNosy, CoverTest, ...) is $225.00 US
per copy (single user License per copy).
California residents must add sales tax ( $20 )
We accept Paypal ( www.payPal.com ), or checks (payable to a US bank).

You may purchase it by sending me an e-mail
with your name, address, phone number.
If you are using PayPal, then have the money sent to 'macnosy At_Sign jasik.com' (At_Sign -> @ )

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