MacNosy - A global procedural Disassembler

MacNosy is a program that will disassemble the Macintosh ROM or any 68K or PowerPC code in a Macintosh resource file and produce a procedural representation of what it is disassembling along with cross reference maps of the procedures, Macintosh Trap names, Macintosh Low Memory Globals, etc.
It uses global flow analysis to subdivide the program into a set of
procedures and referenced data blocks.

MacNosy can be used:

As an educational aid to learn 68K or PowerPC assembly language.

To learn about the innards of the Macintosh OS.

To obtain detailed assembly listings and cross reference maps of a program.

To learn programming techniques used by other programmers.

As an adjunct to the Jasik Debugger to produce symbolic 'map' files
(called 'snit' or 'snt' = Saved Nosy Tables files) so that ANY program
can be debugged symbolically.
This capability is presently used by my Debugger to give you symbol
information when you are executing System code on 68K or PPC Macs.

In addition to the above, Nosy will also let one annotate procedures
with comments and 'enhance' the disassembly, etc.

As Nosy and 'The Debugger' use a common disassembler, one should
look at the disassemblies in the Debugger features section.

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