Fondling the Finder

For those of you who are annoyed by the default wide date format in the 8.x and 9.0 Finder,
I spent some time looking into the mysteries of it, and came up with a revised
'fcol' resource that you can put into the Finder (tested with 8.6 and 9.0).

While I have not figured out what all the fields are used for, the format of the resource
appears to be a series of 16 byte records:

2 bytes - unknown
4 bytes - type of the field (4 Ascii chars)
		pnam - physical name
		ascd - Ascii Creation Date
		asmo - Ascii Mod Date
		phys - Physcial Size
		asty - Ascii Type
		fcrt - 
		kind - Kind
		labi - Lab Info
		comt - Comment
2 bytes - Default column width in Pixels (diddle with this)
2 bytes - 0
2 bytes - Max column width ??
4 bytes - unknown

I have also added 2 'fmu2' resources to add command key equivalents for:
Empty Trash, View As List, View As Icon's , Set Defualt Columns (in view by List), etc.

Click to download , and remember it is NOT good for the health of your system
to edit a running version of the Finder.
You will need a copy of ResEdit or Resourcer to edit the Finder.

(c) Copyright 1999 Jasik Designs
Modified Sept 9, 1999