CoverTest - A Code Coverage Analyzer

CoverTest is an application designed to help programmers and Quality Assurance testers determine which parts of a program have been executed.
CoverTest is bundled (included) with The Debugger
CoverTest may be used with 68K or PowerPC Applications or CFM Fragments (PowerPC only).


Automatically extracts symbol information from MPW .SYM files and Symantec Project files

Instant access to the source code of a procedure, with vertical bars that
note which lines have NOT been executed (see source code window below)

Dynamic updating of the test results allows one to adjust their path through the program to exercise partially tested modules.

Merge test result from different runs/testers
Selective filtering of the results
Sort results by name or percent executed
Option to export results in a tab delimited file for use in a spreadsheet program

In the above, the columns are: The bar graph, showing percent executed; the number of statements executed; the total number of statements; the percentage executed and the procedure name. The first line is for the Application and the others are for the procedures.

By clicking on one of the bars, you get a window like the one below. The lines that have NOT been executed are marked with a block character

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